About Us

True Square Financial exists to help smart, busy professionals use their time and money to build better lives for themselves and their families.

We are an independent, fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm.  We act as fiduciaries, which means we put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.  Always.

Because we do not accept compensation from any third parties, we must charge our clients directly for our services.  Instead of asset-based fees, we charge a flat monthly fee based on our scope of work we do.  This means your costs do not increase just because your wealth does.  Learn more on our fees page.

We love working with do-it-yourselfers and other highly engaged clients who have strong opinions or pre-existing constraints that define how they spend, save, and invest.  With our flexible service model, you can decide what you want to self-manage and what you want to delegate.

Our best clients are skeptical about the value of most financial advisors and investment managers.  We are, too!  At True Square Financial, we offer a broader range of services than traditional financial advisors, total flexibility in service delivery, and a lower all-in cost to you.  Let us prove it to you.