Our service model is completely flexible, which allows you to combine our offerings in whatever way is best for your family.  We offer three types of services:
Comprehensive Financial Planning
We work with you on an ongoing basis to continuously improve your financial strength and maximize the likelihood you will have the resources to accomplish your goals for life and legacy.  This is a comprehensive service that advises you on all aspects of your financial life, whether or not we manage your investments.  Click here to learn more about our financial planning process.  Click here to learn more about our fees.
Limited Financial Planning
Maybe you have a specific challenge in your financial life or an investment opportunity you’d like us to evaluate.  Maybe you have an existing financial plan and you’d like a second opinion.  To help you address these needs, we offer a 90-minute one-time consultation on any financial or investment topic for $500.  If we cannot answer your question during the meeting, we will research as needed and follow up with you at no additional cost.
Investment Management
You may choose to delegate the management of some of all of your investments to us on a discretionary basis.  While we believe we deliver the best overall value to clients who pair our investment management services with ongoing financial planning, we do offer investment management on a standalone basis.  Click here to learn more about our investment philosophy and strategies.  Click here to learn more about our fees.