Financial Planning

At True Square Financial, we view financial planning as an ongoing process.  While onboarding is the most intense part of the process, we revisit your financial plan every 90 days, evaluate events in your life and the markets and propose changes as needed.  We also follow up on the prior quarter’s “to-do list” to ensure your plan is being implemented the way you want.  Of course, if you experience a major life change in between quarterly reviews, like having a baby or changing jobs, let us know and we will adjust immediately!  Once a year we will do a focused look at your tax situation and develop an action list of things to do before the end of this calendar year and things to do after the start of the next calendar year.  Often our quarterly reviews reveal a need for more detailed planning on specific topics such as education funding, starting a new business, or receiving an inheritance.

The Annual Planning Cycle

FP Process

Stand-alone Planning Topics

Standalone Planning Topics

How we work with you

We believe in engaging with you in the way you are most comfortable.  We offer a variety of digital tools to help you organize and monitor your financial life.  You can schedule meetings with us at times that are convenient for you, even if they are outside of regular business hours.  We are available by telephone and email and we make frequent use of videoconferencing for client meetings.  And if you are in Atlanta, we would love to meet in person!