We are committed to total cost transparency and we always agree on fees in advance of providing services.  We charge in dollars rather than in percentages.  Most clients will pay our standard rates; however, we are able to adjust our fees up or down based on the complexity of your situation.

Some examples of more complex needs that would result in a higher fee:

  • Trusts and estate tax strategies
  • Self-employed retirement plans
  • Structuring or restructuring business entities
  • Tax planning for business owners
  • Direct real estate investments
  • Non-traded limited partnerships and other private investment vehicles
Comprehensive Financial Planning

You want ongoing advice on all aspects of your financial life, but you prefer to implement the investment recommendations yourself.  Our standard fee is $1,000 upfront and $350 per month.

Combined Financial Planning and Investment Management

Our full service offering supports and coordinates all aspects of your financial life.  We waive our upfront fee for clients that trust us with this responsibility.  Our standard fee is $500 per month.  In comparing our flat fee to other firms’ asset-based fees, it is important to note that our investment strategies significantly reduce, and in some cases, totally eliminate, the management fees for the underlying investments.

Standalone Investment Management

You are comfortable with the direction of your overall financial life, but you want us to manage all or a portion of your investment assets in one or more of our investment strategies.  For strategies where we have discretion over trading, our investment management fees start at $150 per month, per strategy.  Click here for more information on our investment strategies.

Limited Financial Planning
You want a 90-minute one-time consultation on any financial or investment topic or a second opinion on your existing financial plan.  We offer this service for $500.