Our fees

As a fee-only, fiduciary financial advisory firm, our revenue consists entirely of the fees our clients pay us.  We do not earn commissions or any other payments based on the strategies and products we recommend.  We are committed to total cost transparency and we always agree on fees in advance of providing services.  Most clients will pay our standard rate of $500 per month; however, we are able to adjust our fees up or down based on the complexity of a client’s situation.  We do not require clients to commit to any minimum time period, though we seek to deliver enough value that clients will choose to work with us on a long-term basis.  

Standard Rate:  $500 per month Ongoing

Our standard rate of $500 per month includes comprehensive financial planning and investment management services.  In comparing our flat fee to other firms’ asset-based fees, it is important to note that our investment strategies often significantly reduce the management fees for the underlying investments, resulting in a lower total cost to the client.

Limited Financial Planning:  $500 one-time fee

We offer a one-time, 90-minute consultation for a a flat fee of $500.  Clients may use this consultation to discuss any financial or investment topic or to obtain a second opinion on an existing financial plan.